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Why Glamping is the Perfect Getaway this Fall?

Are you currently planning a camping trip for this fall? If you are, it might be worth considering turning it into a glamping getaway.The term ‘glamping’ is a combination of the words ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping.’ A good way to think about it is like a more luxurious camping trip, or a camping trip designed to be as comfortable and as much like home as possible.For people not quite ready or looking for a more traditional camping experience where you sleep in a glamping tent in sleeping bags with little access to the comforts you’re used to like access to electricity, a bed and other furniture, glamping is an awesome way to still get out in nature, while staying relatively connected.When it comes to glamping, the options are usually renting out accommodation at a glamping resort or setting up your own glamping site, most often in a tent suitable for glamping.people cooking while glampingpeople cooking while glampingpeople cooking while glampingA glamping tent should be one made with canvas fabric, since canvas tents are more durable, sturdier and more resistant to rain and snowfall than synthetic tents. The advantage of canvas as a fabric for tents is that it has all the natural benefits of cotton like breathability inside the tent, which makes it suitable for warm and cooler temperatures. Cotton canvas glamping tents can also be treated to be water repellent and mold and UV resistant, like all White Duck tents are. Learn more about glamping tents for sale on our website WhiteDuckOutdoors.com.The wall height, door opening and space inside canvas tents also lends them the ability to be used suitably as glamping tents. Bringing in furniture, setting up the space and having room to walk around is crucial for this.Fall is an excellent time to go glamping because the weather isn’t quite unbearably cold and the colors all around are stunning. Fall gives you an excuse to sit around a campfire in the evenings, and wake up to beautiful mornings.Here are five top reasons to capitalize on any opportunity to go glamping this fall.

1. It’s All About Comfort!

The whole purpose behind a glamping trip is to help make your camping experience as comfortable as it can possibly be. So if you want to go on a camping trip out into the woods but also are not too keen on the idea of sacrificing the luxuries that you normally enjoy at home, then a glamping trip is the right option.2 girls and a dog in a glamping tent2 girls and a dog in a glamping tent2 girls and a dog in a glamping tentKeep in mind that a glamping trip can include many of the conveniences of home when you’re in your glamping tent. A soft, elevated queen bed? There’s space for it. Not a fan of the cool, fall evenings? The canvas tents and plush blankets will keep you warm. Planning to cook up delicious meals? A fridge will keep your food fresh. It sounds too good to be true, but trust us – it’s for everyone.

2. Spend More Time in the Outdoors

A few days of traditional camping can make you tired of cold water (or no) showers, trying to get sleep in a sleeping bag over the cold ground of the tent, eating freeze dried foods that don’t exactly taste all that great, and having to use the bathroom out in the woods.boys in bath tub near glamping tentboys in bath tub near glamping tentboys in bath tub near glamping tentIt’s for these reasons that most people only go camping for a couple of days at a time. With glamping, though, you can spend time out in the woods for several days at a time. If anything, you might just regret the day that you have to return home. If you have access to WiFi and are working from home, a glamp site may just turn into your semi-permanent office and living space.

3. You Can Visit Incredible Destinations

While you can use your own glamping set up, there are also several awesome glamping destinations all over the United States and the world. This includes yurts, tree forts, wigwams, huts, and geodomes.You know the luxurious safari tents that you’ve probably seen in films and documentaries? There are several similar glamping setups across the US, in a variety of settings. A quick Google search will help bring up some of the top glamping spots near you and with winter around the corner, it’s probably a good idea to make a move on booking a glamping tent sooner rather than later.campfire near glamping tentcampfire near glamping tentcampfire near glamping tent

4. It’s Easier to Convince Friends to Go

It could be that you absolutely enjoy traditional camping and all of the rougher aspects that come with it. At the same time, you may have friends or relatives who you’d like to go camping with but who are also opposed to the idea of staying in a traditional, synthetic tent and spending a couple of days away from home without many of the usual amenities of home.Glamping can be a great compromise for these people. It enables them to enjoy the great outdoors and the camping experience without sacrificing much of the lifestyle they’re used to at home. If you know anybody among your relatives or circle of friends who has suggested they would like to spend a few days in the outdoors but are a little intimidated by camping, glamping is a great option to suggest.

5. It Can Be Less Expensive Than Hotels

If you decide to go glamping by setting up your own glamp site in your glamping tent, the overall cost can end up being less than what you’d spend for a couple of nights at a hotel. In fact, it’s quite possible that you’ll end up with a fraction of the bill, compared with hotel costs.It also might be worth considering the benefit of trying your hand at something unique and different with glamping, as opposed to booking a hotel room.  

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