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Camping is counted as pure American activity, being preferred by the majority of Americans. Undoubtedly, it also offers amazing views, beauty and wonders of nature, to pitch an outdoor tent without any second thought. In order to appreciate the beauty of nature in the United States, you must have a camp-out in its relaxing, lavish and breathtaking realms. From the list of beautiful camping sites, following are the few tracked down camping areas that would suit any camping lover and are a must-have in their bucket list.

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Joshua Tree National Park, California

It is situated towards the western border. Joshua Tree National is identified as a remarkable camping site. People who like stargazing, rock climbing, hiking, and camping would definitely find this camp spot irresistible.

It consists of an Indian Cove Campground which offers proximity regarding the climbing routes, the Mojave Yuccas, exciting spring blossoms, fresh shrubs and sights of the desert tortoise. It also provides access to toilets.

Early Spring (March and April) and Late Fall (October and November) are the best times to visit.

Lake Mcconaughy, Nebraska

It is known for its wide and lesser crowded water-sport enjoyment. There are a few items to observe but idyllic in nature. The Mcconaughy offers the most laid back fishing experience one can imagine.

You can witness flourishing surroundings of white sand beaches, water skiing, boating and casting moments. People opting for desert adventures and experiences are encouraged to move toward the Nebraska Sand-hills for the Dune Buggy rides.

However, for full hookups, reservation should be made almost a year before as they are limited.

Hocking Hill State Park, Ohio

The geological wonder of Ohio that will serve their visitors with beaming and unrestricted caves, narrow gorges and vivid waterfalls leaving you gasping with astonishment in the end.

It possesses trails within the park leading towards the stairs of stones that would take you to the rock house high-up keeping the most daring one on edge.

Apart from these, the “Old Man’s Cave Campground” would also be there to make your trip memorable by allowing you to experience its two-mile trail surrounding the gorge.

Glacier National Park, Montana

A place for active campers with hiking trails being over 700 miles. Its awaiting views include: jagged snow-capped peaks, incredible sunsets, jaw-dropping waterfalls, high alpine lakes and much more.

You can also observe its mountain goats, lynx, moose, and their other native animals. Its Two Medicine Lake would also delight you with more stunning and solitude views.

It also consists of a remote location namely “Quartz Creek Campground” at the Quartz Lake which offers campers a place to rest at night and to campfire peacefully.

Black Canyon-The Gunnison National Park, Colorado

Beautiful rocky mountains and it’s highly ‘climber friendly’ areas can give the hikers and climbers a challenge because of its deep and inspiring depths.

You can enjoy its whitewater rafting, a variety of well-skilled rock climbing routes or hiking. It delivers long drives along with winding dirt path but recommending beautiful rocks to hop and great fishing holes in the end.

Being a rocky area, you could still be able to set up a tent anywhere and stay contented.

Cayo Costa State Park, Florida

In addition to car-free camping sites, this island possesses nine miles of beaches next to the warm and cozy water from the Bay of Mexico. It provides numerous amounts of opportunities to experience the porpoises, manatees and sea turtles for a swimmer, snorkeler and a scuba diver.

Setting up a tent near the beaches would mean that you’ll be enjoying the soothing breeze and comforting sound of the water waves. The Bike rentals and Nature trails would gift an amazing experience to the landlubbers out there.

People usually enjoy walking there but if carrying luggage, make sure you book the tram service too for yourself according to the duration of your stay.

Ludington State Park, Michigan

Being a summertime gateway for water lovers, this lake offers 5,000 + acres of ponds, marshlands, sand dunes and shoreline vistas. The campers may also get benefit from its remote sites if they are in search of more of its rocky areas.

Its main camping areas serve showers, bathrooms, and electricity along with which, an amphitheater is also present in the wooded area to provide the access of the beach.

Make sure to have a stay at the “Pines Campground” to gain the finest access of its iconic lighthouse. May till September is however is the suitable time to visit.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Comprising of only a few and far places, Hawaii provides the experience of its “National Park” too among its locations for the campers.

It consists of the world’s two most dynamic Volcanoes; Mauna Loa and Kilauea on its “Big Island”. Spilling out of the Pacific Ocean, their molten lava lights up the entire sky in the evening.

This spilling of lava results in rock formation and captivating floral surroundings, which you can observe by the next morning. 13.1 miles is its total round trip mileage.

Wyalusing Hardwood National Forest, Wisconsin

This is the area to have sun-dappled glades of some of the most eye-catching trees in the world, managed for the hikers and lovers of botany and woodlands.

Activities would be less here as compared to the other camping sites but you may achieve calm, peaceful and a self-centered trip by centering yourself in the Hardwood Forest.

The chirping and singing of birds filling the trees and woods will make your time memorable. However there is High amount of fishing and hunting opportunities.

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area, Arizona

Open throughout the year, you will enjoy hiking, strolling, climbing and even basking for hours in the sun at Fool Hollow Lake. This Lake is located at the

Apache-Sitgreaves and is situated 6,300 ft above the sea, allowing its visitors to get pleasure from one among the largest desert sights of water in the world.

You can also experience the soar overhead of the Blue Heron and Bald Eagles as you land on a few remarkable lake trout and other biters.

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