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How to keep your bugs away from your tent

What bug repellent works best

Posted on: October 1, 2018 By: Karen Thompson

If you are a fan of the great outdoors, you probably know from experience how bugs can ruin even the most idyllic camping location. Whether it’s the noise they make, or the nasty bites they deliver to your person, mosquitoes and other outdoor pests can make your camping trip a living hell. Luckily, you are not helpless in the face of these little demons. Don’t be deterred from setting up camp exactly where you want by a handful of insects. Follow the information in this article to keep bugs away from your tent, and you will be able to enjoy a pest-free outdoors experience. Read on to find out more.

First, before you head out camping, check that all your equipment is in good working order. Set up your tent in the backyard, and check carefully for any places where the bugs could get in – small holes, or maybe the zip is broken leaving gaps. If you find any such areas, repair them -patch the holes, fix a snagged zipper by lubricating with oil to see if that will release it.

Next, once you are out in the wilds, and the time has come to select a campsite, choose wisely. AVOID places that are prone to insect infestations, such as those with standing water (a literal breeding ground for mosquitoes), lots of vegetation (a source of shelter for the same), or the presence of utility light-poles (bugs are attracted to light).

What bug repellent works best

As well as the natural features of your environment, look at the ones that are within your control, ie. do what you can to prevent insects gathering around your tent. For example, avoid eating and drinking inside your tent, as the smell of food will attract bugs ‘like a moth to a flame’. Similarly, don’t keep bags full of trash around your campsite. Clean your cooking utensils, pans etc and store your food in plastic, airtight containers. As we have mentioned, bugs are drawn to light, so keep lanterns, torches and other sources of artificial light away from your tent opening. Meanwhile, as much as bugs light, they are to the same extent repelled by fire, so: if you want to keep mosquitoes and other pests away, strive to keep your campfire burning 24/7 whilst out in the boonies. Be sure to keep tabs on it though, lest you end up as ‘that guy’ who inadvertently starts a forest fire!

Which mosquito repellents work

Those are the DIY methods for deterring bugs during your outdoor adventures. What products can you buy to aid you in your efforts to create an insect free zone? First, take along a good insect repellent – most of the commercial ones are very effective, yet also contain DEET, a chemical thought by some to be toxic to humans. If you don’t want to be exposing yourself to this substance, then try one of the all-natural home-made ones – there are lots of recipes out there on the internet, so do your own research. In many of these ‘natural’ bug sprays, substances like eucalyptus oil are the active ingredient – so not only are they effective in shielding you from mosquitoes, they also make you smell good. Citronella candles are another good option here. Some outdoorsmen will even go to the lengths of hanging garlic and onions upon their tents as it is thought to keep the insects away! A final pointer: wear insect repellent clothing, ie if the climate permits, choose thickly woven long sleeve shirts and pants, with thick woolen socks and heavy boots. On the other hand, if it’s really hot, this won’t be an option: fortunately, though, there are special clothes you can purchase that have insect repellent within their fabric, and that are said to work well in deterring bugs.

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