JIS Standard Flange Dimensions

Introduction of JIS Standard Flange

A flange is a general term used for items that connect pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment to form a piping system. One of the best parts of using a flange is that they give very easy access for cleaning, inspection, or modification of the system. A JIS10K Flange is a slip on flange. This is different from other types of flanges, such as a welding neck flange or a lap joint flange. The JIS10K Flange is a slip on flange that follows the standard made by JIS, the Japanese Industrial Standard. Specifically, the JIS10K Flange that is used is made to the JIS B2220 standard. The word 10K comes from the fact that the JIS10K Flange has been made to fulfill the rigors of 10kg/cm² of pressure. This is all by the JIS B2220 standard created by the Japanese Industrial Standard.

Japan Standard flange size chart

JIS 2K (kg/cm2) flange dimensions chart

JIS 5K (kg/cm2) flange dimensions chart

JIS Flanges 10K (kg/cm2) Dimension Chart

JIS Flanges 16K (kg/cm2) Dimension Chart 

JIS Flanges 20K (kg/cm2) Dimension Chart

JIS Flanges 30K (kg/cm2) Dimension Chart

JIS Flanges 40K (kg/cm2) Dimension Chart 

JIS Flanges 63K (kg/cm2) Dimension Chart

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