How To Use Dry Ice In A Cooler

What’s the secret to an enjoyable camp? Keep your food (and beer) cool for the entire camp! If you are going completely off the beaten path with no access to shops, you may consider using dry ice, but may not be sure how to use dry ice in a cooler. Here are the 12 steps …

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How To Start A Fire With Sticks

Old-timey cartoon characters start fires twirling two sticks together in less than ten seconds. Of course, seasoned survivalists know it is never that simple, and scouts across America have the blisters to prove it. Nevertheless, knowing how to start a fire with sticks is the life-saving party trick to have. How to start a fire …

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How to Dry a Tent Fast in 5 Easy Steps

You’ve ended up with a soaking wet tent after a weekend away camping, and it’s just … sitting there all sodden. You could leave it, but that’s going to mean a moldy, rotten mess that won’t be much fun to clean up next time you go camping, or more likely, a complete replacement of the …

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